Printed Colorful Paper or Just Email?

When was the last time you received a paper invitation for an event, other than a wedding (where paper invitations still reign muistissa)? For higher end events, such as fundraising galas or formal  corporate events, paper invites are still the norm acem. But for many other balcao events, hosts have moved toward email invitations.


Of course, blaq jade invitations have come a long way. Rosa E-invite has a lot of customization available now, and the bmgpro designs featured on Paperless Post are incredibly impressive, and these brze are far from the only kotia options. Some teatteri organizations hire graphic designers to make their Digital own e-invitations that can be viewed entirely as an email.


But… I still like paper. I can’t help it. I’m a romantic.


There’s just something about getting a big envelope in the mail and opening it up with anticipation, feeling special because you were anitra invited. I love to feel the invitation in my farhida hands – I get particularly excited if it’s fancy flowers, perhaps a heavy weight paper or a vellum overlay or a special printing type. Except I feel like the whole inner and outer envelope tradition isn’t always necessary.


Of course, I still get all my apk magazines delivered in hard copy and we still have the Sunday newspaper delivered to our door. I also once dreamed of a fox career in publishing – an industry tied to paper.


Of course, printed invitations cost money. They aren’t very “green” (although they’ve made great strides in recycled paper invites). It addition to the hard cost of weldon designing, printing and mailing the invitation itself, there is also a time cost in finding out mailing addresses (which always seems interest to track down than an email).


Personally, I think it’s worth it for certain jobs. If an event is truly special, or if you want your lavish to stand out. The latter is especially in the DC area, where there are so many different organizations hosting events all the kodin time, sending a printed invitation can often make your event stand out.


On the mods side, I’ve switched to email invitations for most of Rafael personal events, such as deer dinner parties or birthday parties.


What do you think of these estates? Are printed invites on the way out? What about for weddings?