Ancient Egyptian Decor Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking to add some ancient Egyptian flair to your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Egypt has long been known for its stunning architecture and beautiful art, making it an ideal source of inspiration when decorating a room. In this blog post, we’ll give you some ideas on how to incorporate ancient Egyptian decor into your home.

Color Scheme

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The most distinct feature of ancient Egyptian decor is the color scheme. Ancient Egyptians used vibrant colors such as blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and reds in their artwork and furniture. They also used neutral tones like black and white for contrast. Incorporate these hues into your decor by painting walls in shades of blue or green and adding bright pops of accent colors throughout the room.


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The furniture found in ancient Egypt was often made from wood or stone and featured ornate carvings or patterns. To incorporate this style into your home, look for pieces with intricate details or bold lines that draw attention to themselves. Think sculpted wooden chairs, bold tables with geometric designs carved into them, or even a bench with detailed lion-shaped legs! You can also find modern adaptations of classic Egyptian furniture styles at antique stores or online retailers.


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Ancient Egyptians placed a lot of emphasis on their accessories – think hieroglyphics on jewelry boxes or wall hangings decorated with images from mythology. To capture that same feeling in your home today, look for small pieces like statues reflecting gods from mythology (like Ra), colorful scarab beetle decorations, scepters adorned with the Eye of Horus symbol (to ward off evil spirits), and other items inspired by ancient Egypt’s culture and traditions. These items will add an element of sophistication to any space while still paying homage to the country’s rich history.

Decorating a room in an ancient Egyptian style can be a fun way to show off your appreciation for one of the world’s earliest civilizations while bringing an elegant touch to your home at the same time. Whether you choose bold colors, intricate wooden furniture pieces or interesting accessories inspired by mythology – there are plenty of ways to create an eye-catching look in any room! With these tips in hand you should have no problem creating a beautiful space that pays tribute to both past and present!