invitation wording

Invitation wording is a toughy, but it doesn't have to be! We suggest looking at the format of the invitation style you are choosing first and formost. It may determine whether you would like it to be more "wordy" or if it should be short and sweet. Also, whether or not your design has a "&"  (aka: "ampersand") may determine how your wording is arranged to use the amperand vs. using "to". Below are a few basic ways to structure your wording---but we are all for untraditional too! So we always suggest using wording that appeals to you and they style of your wedding- get creative! 

Couple is Hosting

Heather Marie Smith &
Michael Francis Jacobson
invite you to their wedding
Saturday, March 10,2012
at 4:30 in the afternoon

Bride's Parent's Hosting
Jon and Elizabeth Smith
invite you to the wedding of their daughter
Angela Nichole Smith
to Matthew Travis Wilson
Saturday, March 10, 2012
at 4:30 in the afternoon

Both Parents Hosting
Jon and Elizabeth Smith
along with Jim and Kari Wilson
invite you to the marriage of their children
Angela Nichole Smith
& Matthew Travis Wilson
Saturday, March 10, 2012
at 4:30 in the afternoon

Everyone Hosting
Together with their families
Angela Nichole Smith
& Matthew Travis Wilson
invite you to their wedding
Saturday, March 10, 2012
at 4:30 in the afternoon

invitation wording QUESTIONS 

What if I want a very formal invitation with Mr. & Mrs. titles?
The correct way to use titles in your invitations would be to use it as:
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Smith or if you would like to use both the man and woman's name it would read as Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Elizabeth Smith.

What if I want to spell out the date and time?
 Totally fine (as long as we have room on the invitation design) the correct way to format it would be:
"Saturday, the tenth of March, in the year twenty-twelve
at four-thirty in the afternoon" 

What about middle names?
You don't have to use middle names if you don't want to---if you would like to use your middle names, it can be either the Bride's First Middle and Last or the Bride's First and Middle only, but you do need to use the Groom's last name no matter what:

---All options are correct below---

Angela Smith to Matthew Wilson

Angela Nichole to Matthew Travis Wilson

Angela Nichole Smith to Matthew Travis Wilson

basic stationery etiquette questions 

When should I send out my invitations?
5-7 weeks before your wedding. You may decide based on if you have already sent out a save the date or not, and if you have a lot of guests travelling who may still need to make arrangements. It is pretty standard to request your RSVP cards to be returned 2 weeks before your wedding.

Can I include my registry information?
Well...Yes and no. People do what to know where you are registered, but you must do it in a tasteful manner. Rather than the insert cards that you got from Target or Macy's, we feel it is more appropriate to include your registry locations on an information card together with directions, accommodations or other info. Including the URL for your wedding website is also a great way to discreetly direct your guests to your registries. 

Do I really have to hand address my envelopes?
Your envelopes do need to be hand addressed. But do YOU have to do it? Nope. Elect some friends with good handwriting, hire a calligrapher, assign it to mom. It is not customary to print the 'send-to' address or use labels, but it is okay for the return address on both your outer envelope and RSVPs (we include that in our services, free of cost).

What should we put for our return address?
The return address should be of the person who will be receiving your RSVP cards. Often times it is the parents of either the bride or groom. We do offer the service of printing your return address on both your invitation envelope, RSVP and Save the date free of charge for your convenience. Awesome right?